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Century 120-t4a


The Century Series is Westerbeke's answer to the demand for low-stressed engines that have a longer working life.

These engines operate at a comfortable 2200 and 2400-rpm putting less stress on the engine while providing optimum power.

The Century Series engines are rated 126 and 173 horsepower. Both are ideal replacements for older engines installed in displacement hulls such as trawler yachts, for use in large sailboats and in many commercial applications.

Optional Equipment

  • Engine Instrumentation Panel - The remote engine instrumentation panel includes water temperature and oil pressure gauges, voltmeter and hourmeter as well as preheat and start/stop push buttons.
  • Electrical Systems - Twenty-four volt electrical systems and ungrounded electrical systems are available to supply a product customized to the owners' requirements.
  • Remote Panels - Remote start-stop panel or second instrument panel available with 15 pin, 15 or 30 foot harnesses. Harnesses are equipped with Westerbeke's standard remote connector for extended lengths.
  • Dual Remote Panels - Secondary remote instrument panels are available with 15 foot plug-in harnesses. Harnesses are equipped with a special molded, plug-in connector for extended lengths.
  • A Large Variety of Transmissions & Reduction Ratios - Century Series propulsion engines are offered with many optional transmissions and reduction ratios to meet specific applications.
  • Also Available - Other options such as keel cooling, domestic hot water connections, spare parts kits, larger battery charging alternators, refrigeration compressor mounts, battery splitters, remote lube oil filters, fuel-water separators with filter, hydro-hush mufflers and anti-siphon valves with stainless loops are also offered.